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What is MusicQubed?

MusicQubed is a mobile music company with a unique product and great technology. Our white label, mobile music service focuses on mass market, lower ARPU music consumers who are currently not served by music products such as Spotify and other streaming services. For example in the UK you can currently get our MTV Trax app via direct download or effectively free via a Pay As You Go SIM card package.

Great, what does that actually mean?

Our experts at MTV Trax handpick music from a library of over 20 million tracks including the very latest hits, compile playlists and automatically download them to your phone. It’s not streaming so won’t gobble your data, our patented technology refreshes over 6 hours of the hottest music every night, enabling you to use online or offline regardless of data or internet connection.

We put the latest music right there in your pocket, no need to search, no need to stream, no need to download and no need for an internet connection.

MTV Trax is packed with tracks from the worlds most popular artists. MTV Trax contains up to ten playlists with the hottest music updated daily, no ads so uninterrupted listening, a choice channel for a personalised playlist, the ability to heart tracks, and the latest MTV news and videos.

For Android users, you can now get free premium access by viewing ads when you unlock your phone.

Download for Android

How does MusicQubed stand out?


Listen offline, anytime, anywhere

We’ll deliver you the music straight to your phone, so you can listen anywhere, anytime.


Uninterrupted music

We don’t do ads – just hits.




Personalised playlists

Music from your favourite music channel and favourite TV shows.


Heart tracks & create playlists

Create your own playlists and tell us what you are loving.


Latest music news and videos

Catch the latest news and gossip from your favourite celebs all in one place.