Solving mobile music for everyone

We took the challenge. We aced it. We solved mobile music for the masses.

How does MusicQubed stand out?


Choice, not commitment. Play it your way. We provide intuitive micro price points to suit everyone’s pocket.


Earn plays or time as a reward through topping up or purchase.

Brand Connect

Creating opportunities for global brand partnerships with the likes of MTV, we reach untapped markets with highly targeted music packages.


PrePay Packages. Speaking your language – opening up the possibilities for you and your customers by creating new opportunities for more flexible bundles.

Music First, Music Always

The music matters, it’s in our DNA. We’re always on, always there – no matter where you are.

Power of Promotion

Delivering exciting and exclusive content aligned with your strategy and promotions.

MusicQubed has a new model, a new approach; a natural choice that fits and flows like clockwork for users and partners.

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