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Designed for mobile network integration

We get it

Mobile music services can enable differentiation, drive revenue, retention and acquisition on your network. Obstacles can seem significant:

  • Inefficient network usage and scalability

  • Awkward customer price points

  • Poor licensing and billing models

  • A poor user-experience for your audience

We help you unlock mobile music value

MusicQubed has effective solutions that reach deeper. A mobile music service that:

  • MusicQubed has achieved increases of over 20% in Tenure, Average Revenue, and Lifetime Value

  • Is specifically designed for network integration

  • Provides great value and experiences for end-users

  • Delivers revenue share to all partners across mainstream and niche markets

The MusicQubed solution

The only digital music service built for just for mobile, MusicQubed offers:

  • Low resource, simple API integration, no disruption or downtime

  • Ultra efficient non-streaming, tethered downloads

  • Simple to use, multi platform app designed to engage large volume, casual music consumers

  • An attractive revenue model that delivers revenue, retention and acquisition

Your Content

More than just music

Music as a standalone product is not enough for today’s consumers. Overwhelming choice has created a need for simple yet premium solutions. Research shows that mainstream customers want…

  • Simplicity: Deliver tracks they want. Not the 20m they don’t

  • Affordable: Priced for everyday music listeners. Not just enthusiasts

  • Flexible Pay As You Go solutions. Pay in bite sized chunks

  • New exciting, professional curation. Fresh content. Always updated

  • Smart offline playback for instant access and data efficiency

MusicQubed unlocks value and revenue

MusicQubed delivers all this and more:

  • A simple music product, wrapped in an entertainment package that directly engages the mass-market

  • Extensive experience and global licensing with major and indie labels to help you navigate the mobile music market

  • Revenue opportunities in every direction due to our unique product, lateral approach and multi-industry expertise

Your Brand


Bringing your brand to life through mobile music:

  • Access revenue opportunities across untapped markets

  • Open doors to premium brands

  • Use the power of music to deliver revenue


What mobile music could do for you:

  • Grow and strengthen your brand in new and existing markets

  • Unlock previously inaccessible revenue opportunities

  • Focus on growing your brand through music

Go to market

The MusicQubed platform, your perfect mobile music partner:

  • Our innovative and unique push to mobile-only service delivers a unique music app for your brand

  • We deliver perfectly packaged, premium music content

  • MusicQubed is tailored to suit a wide range of tastes and genres

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