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A new category of music service

Research shows that while music enthusiasts are well catered for, mainstream music fans remain largely under-served.

We do things differently.

  • Easy to use mobile apps delivering the biggest hits every day.
  • 100% premium music content.
  • 100% human curation.
  • We handpick the 100 tracks that matter, not the millions that don’t.
  • We make it easy for mainstream users to listen to popular music anytime, anywhere.


Why we’re different

Made for mobile.

Mobile First. Mobile Only.
A digital music service designed for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and Featurephone.

Play your music offline.

Our patent pending technology updates and stores new music on your mobile overnight. Wake up to the biggest hits at your fingertips. Just press play.

Premium music and more.

We deliver the best and most exclusive music, celebrity news and 4G video to your phone for instant playback wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.

Hand picked playlists.

We pick power playlists so you don’t have to. The biggest hits, classic anthems, new releases, choice of genres and artist exclusives. Fresh every day.

No ads. No streaming.

Unique to the MusicQubed platform, tracks are pre-loaded and ready to play whenever you are; no streaming, no buffering, no annoying ads getting in the way.

No need to shop around.

Choice can be overwhelming so we do all the work for you. Fresh new music every day. All the hits you need plus premium, bonus tracks to make you smile.




Want to find out more?

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Designed for mobile network integration

We get it

Mobile music services can enable differentiation, drive revenue, retention and acquisition on your network. Obstacles can seem significant:

  • Inefficient network usage and scalability
  • Awkward customer price points
  • Poor licensing and billing models
  • A poor user-experience for your audience


We help you unlock mobile music value

MusicQubed has effective solutions that reach deeper. A mobile music service that:

  • Is specifically designed for network integration
  • Provides great value and experiences for end-users
  • Delivers revenue share to all partners across mainstream and niche markets
  • Increases operator revenue through intuitive CRM and customer insight


The MusicQubed Solution

The only digital music service built for just for mobile, MusicQubed offers:

  • Low resource, simple API integration, no disruption or downtime
  • Ultra efficient non-streaming, tethered downloads
  • Simple to use, multi platform app designed to engage large volume, casual music consumers
  • An attractive revenue model that delivers revenue, retention and acquisition